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ChatSansar – Online Chat Site is an online chat site where you can chat for free. ChatSansar has free chat rooms based on countries. Currently, the chat model of ChatSansar is based on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It has text chat rooms as well as voice and voice chat rooms.

ChatSansar’s voice and video chat room have features like private calls and public conferences (group chat). They also have a file-sharing option. A tictactoe game is also embedded in the chat.

A separate #trivia chat room is there to play quizzes (question and answer). The main chat room has eggdrop bots which show horoscope, top 10 users statistics, dictionary, and translate. It operates like a command line like

!top10 nicks

Shows top 10 users

!time nepal

shows time zone of country Nepal


shows horoscope of aquarius

Online Chat ChatSansar

ChatSansar is one of the oldest chat room sites. Most of the users are from Nepal. They also have android apps like Nepali chat and India chat.

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